Now that flip-flops and T-shirts have been replaced with shoes, hoodies and jackets, the change of seasons is official. Driving to my Sunday night hockey game three weeks removed from a knee operation, I was anticipating how things may go, … Continue reading

How many times have you heard someone speaking of their favourite team utter the sports cliché “they’re three to five years away?” Now that the Leafs appear to have established a sound foundation through the draft, the logical query for … Continue reading

The level of “compete” in the NHL has never been higher or more promising as team’s gear up for the 100th season a few weeks from now. The league continues to get younger albeit a few of the older signings … Continue reading

Most of you that follow are aware a major part of our collection which has been deemed to be of “outstanding significance and national importance” by the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review has been acquired by the Canadian Museum of … Continue reading

“All things must pass None of life’s strings can last So I must be on my way And face another day” George Harrison’s lyrics, while a little dramatic, sum up how I feel with my collection moving to a new … Continue reading

I’m sure by now everyone has seen the Matt Niskanen hit on Sidney Crosby that has probably ended his Stanley Cup participation. What I find fascinating is the mixed reviews on whether the hit was dirty or as the experts … Continue reading

“Every Battle is Won or Lost before it’s ever fought.” That quote from “The Art of War”, attributed to the ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu dates back to the 5th century. The subtle meaning is not lost on everyday … Continue reading

“It’s about the team, I don’t think about individual statistics.” How many times over the years have we heard that line from players in all sports? Or another dandy, “I don’t read the papers.” Now in fairness, this isn’t to … Continue reading