Inside the Room


Inside the Room with The Ultimate Leafs Fan

Mike Wilson with Lance Hornby & Paul Patskou

Named The Ultimate Leafs Fan by ESPN, Mike Wilson has collected more than 2,000 Leaf artifacts — the largest collection in the world — now displayed in his ‘recreation’ room.

Artifacts from The Room will be exhibited at the prestigious Canadian Museum of History to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada’s Confederation, the founding of the National Hockey Leafue, and the centennial of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The Room is what most ardent Blue and White fans must think awaits them in the after life. Pass through the original Maple Leaf Garden’s turnstiles installed inside The Room. Pick a game used stick from the rack where the ’67 Leafs kept their lumber. View the 20 game-worn Leaf jerseys on display, featuring the Frank Finnigan’s bloodstained 1934 woollen sweater.

“A Must Read”
Reggie Leach, Retired NHL Player

“Not only Leaf fans, but any hockey fan is going to enjoy it. Especially, those that can’t see it in person. It gives us old guys a chance to re-live the past and for new fans to learn about the rich history.”
Jim Amodeo

“I wondered when you’d put your collection out in book form … now it’s arrived”
John Iaboni, award winning journalist

“Seeing your shrine first hand makes me want to hear the stories and history behind it”
Chris Wilk, Tillsonburg, Leaf Fan

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