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Toronto Sun

ULTIMATE LEAFS FAN: A Rocky Mountain high for the Buds

By the time I arrived in the Centennial State from New York, the sun had melted the massive mountain storm that had whipped through.

Toronto Sun

ULTIMATE LEAFS FAN: On the road with the Buds and Lennon

The long and winding 13-day, six-game road trip for the Leafs began in two cities that have a strong Beatles connection for me, particularly John Lennon.

Toronto Sun

ULTIMATE LEAFS FAN: Home stretch for the Ultimate Road Trip

As Bon Jovi can be heard singing at most Scotiabank home games, “whoa, we’re halfway there, livin’ on a prayer.” At Maple Leafs game No. 50 in my quest to see all 82 home and away, this eventful journey has been well above expectations.

Toronto Sun

ULTIMATE LEAFS FAN: Perfect time to watch the Buds in Florida

After getting this far on the Ultimate Road Trip, you start to think like a player.

Toronto Sun

ULTIMATE LEAFS FAN: A ferry nice way to watch hockey

To the list of planes, trains and automobiles so far on the Ultimate Road Trip, I can now add a ferry boat to see the Leafs.

National Post

On the trail of the Maple Leafs in Brooklyn and Jersey

After back-to-back losses in Florida, a good place for any fan on a Maple Leafs road trip to recover is the The Brooklyn Inn.

Toronto Sun

ULTIMATE LEAFS FAN: Snow can't stop the show in Carolina

When planning to attend all 41 road games the Leafs play, winter weather in North Carolina is not something you think will be disruptive.

We The People Sports

An Email Interview with The Ultimate Leafs Fan

If you’re a passionate sports fan, I am sure that you have at least thought about trying to go see every one of your team’s games in a given season.

Toronto Star

"Ultimate Leafs Fan" is Following the Team to Every Game This Season

For Toronto Maple Leafs superfan Mike Wilson, it’s all about sharing the story. In San Jose, Calif., there was the father and son from New Brunswick who were on a multi-year quest to visit every arena in which the Leafs play while they’re on the road.

Toronto Sun

ULTIMATE LEAFS FAN: Hockey's strong history in the West

Next time I complain about getting to a Leaf game in Toronto traffic, I’ll just remind myself about navigating the streets and highways to fly in here and see the Kings and Ducks.

Toronto Sun

Ultimate road trip looks back on Boston rivalry

Almost 100 years before there was an Auston Matthews on the Maple Leafs, there was a Matthews Arena in Beantown.

Toronto Sun

Finding the blue lining in Steeltown sports

In a city painted black and gold, Brett Lawrence’s Jeep is a distinctive Maple Leaf blue.

Toronto Sun

ULTIMATE LEAFS FAN: Chasing hockey history in Winnipeg

At 1123 Grosvenor Ave. stands a modest two-storey residence that was the childhood home of iconic Canadian rocker Neil Young.

Toronto Sun

ULTIMATE LEAFS FAN: On the road in Detroit, Washington

You watched Auston Matthews’ game winner in Detroit on Oct. 11, but I credit him with an assist the day before.

Toronto Sun

ULTIMATE LEAFS FAN: Leaf Moose loose in California

I did not know I’d come all the way to San Jose to find myself in a herd of moose. The Digital Moose Lounge to be exact — a club of Canadian ex-pats who invited me to their sold-out private party to watch the Leafs play the Sharks.


Leafs set to embark on the most anticipated season in franchise history

Wilson earned the title of 'Ultimate Leaf Fan' for having one of the most incredible collections of Leafs memorabilia. He's also old enough to remember watching the Leafs win four Stanley Cups during the 1960s.

Toronto Sun

Is THIS the year long-suffering fans have been waiting for?

Mike Wilson doesn’t intend to miss a moment of this season. The 64-year-old ‘Ultimate Leafs Fan’, who once held the largest private collection of team memorabilia, will augment his season ticket home attendance by travelling to all 41 road games and hopes to be around for 16 playoff wins.

The Toronto Star

Ultimate Leafs fan sells most of collection to Ottawa museum

The Canadian Museum of History has bought more than 1,700 hockey-related items from Mike Wilson.

Toronto Star

Maple Leafs 'lost' 1962 Stanley Cup banner re-appears

It was the only one of the Leafs original Stanley Cup banners not used as a paint tarp and now it's being preserved.

Toronto Sun

Sharing hockey stories with Leafs fans

Countless hockey stories have been swapped in the rec room of Toronto Maple Leafs super-fan Mike Wilson — amid what is likely the largest private collection of the team’s memorabilia. It just seemed like a natural progression for Wilson to write a book about his vast assemblage and the hockey-world notables it has attracted to the basement of his Toronto home.

Toronto Sun

Hockey legends take on bullying

The third annual charity gala and auction raises funds for the Canadian Safe School Network, to raise awareness of bullying in classrooms, homes and the amateur sporting world. Burke, now president of hockey operations for the Calgary Flames, and Bobby Orr continue to honour Brendan’s memory after he died in a 2010 car accident. “Whether you’re in the gay community or not, I’m a big supporter,” said Orr. “Like so many people, I think this bullying thing is out of hand.”

The Toronto Sun

Legendary Leafs door part of Luminato

When the Luminato Festival’s artistic team began working on Trove, assembling 50 ‘fascinating, precious, storied objects and artworks’ rarely seen in T.O., they came to the basement museum of ‘Ultimate Leaf Fan’ Mike Wilson. The door is part of his largest private collection of the team’s memorabilia, one of the most popular conversation pieces among an estimated 2,000 Leaf-related items

The Toronto Sun

Chris Hadfield's familial connection to the Maple Leafs

Pictures and news clips were presented to Col. Chris Hadfield and relatives by team historians Mike Wilson and Paul Patskou, Wilson’s Toronto “museum” is world’s largest private collection of Leaf memoribilia.

Toronto Life

A look inside the secret basement Toronto Maple Leafs museum

Toronto life invites readers to take a closer look at the ultimate Toronto Maple Leafs fancave

Toronto Sun

In the Media: Toros Reunion

We recently hosted the Toros reunion and Lance Hornby wrote a great article covering the event for The Sun.

A Night for Change

"A Night for Change" was hosted by Mike Wilson and lends a hand to the Canadian Safe School Network and their campaign against homophobia. Check out the stories by clicking here.


Q107 talks about The Ultimate Leafs Fan

John Derringer, host of Q107 Radio, mentions the Ultimate Leafs Fan in his broadcast.

The Hockey Writers

Mike Wilson: His Role in Hockey History

The guys at the Hockey Writers Blog feature Mike's collection and his place in the annals of hockey history.

The Toronto Star

Ultimate Leafs Fan in the Toronto Star

Mike Wilson is featured in the Toronto Star on May 20, 2015.

Canadian Sports Magazine

A castle for the perfect treasure

One of the first articles on Mike's incredible collection written in 2008. It offers a in-depth walkthrough of a great deal of the gallery.


The Ultimate Leafs Fan featured on CTV News

Watch Mike Wilson as he is interviewed by CTV News' Suneel Joshi about the incredible collection of Leafs memorabilia at his home. The story was featured on January 13, 2015.

Toronto Sun

Maple Leafs superfan Mike Wilson has huge collection of team souvenirs

Astonished guests come upon 2,000-plus Leafs artifacts, arranged in displays that rival the Hockey Hall Of Fame. But what Wilson values the most in his career collection are the 2,000-plus tales that go with every piece.


Every Nation is Leafs Nation

Meet Mike Wilson and check out all his Leafs memorabilia! Boy can this guy collect! His collection started at a very young age and from a single stick, his collection has grown.But what Wilson values the most in his career collection are the 2,000-plus tales that go with every piece.


Maple Leafs superfan builds own Hall of Fame

There are hockey fans and then there is Mike Wilson. The Toronto man has been collecting memorabilia for the last 50 years. His collection features the rarest of the rare and even rivals the Hockey Hall of Fame.


Welcome to the Leafs Lair

Half a century ago, Toronto native Mike Wilson recieved his first piece of Leafs memorabilia: a stick used by three-time Stanley Cup Winner Carl Brewer. From a single stick, his collection has grown into the Leafs Lair.